Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Christmas Time

The following pictures are the reason we did not have a Christmas card, (that and I got completely overwhelmed and just didn't do it!)  

We went to Bass Pro Shop  to see their Christmas exhibit  and it was so fun!  Against our better judgement with a snowy day we went anyway and it was empty.  Hannah enjoyed the shooting a little too much!  :)

 Eating dinner and looking at Christmas Lights.  


Happy New Year!
We went bowling with our church this year.  I totally did not bowl well but it was fun hanging out with everyone.  We had a blast!


This year's Thanksgiving was a quiet holiday for us.  Greg and I loved it!  We didn't go anywhere and we were able to relax and enjoy Football and games with the family.  We have had such weird weather here lately that we were even able to play outside for a while. 

Ohio Trip

We had a chance to go to Ohio this November to see Greg's family.  It was such a great trip.  We had a great time and the kids remarkably well.  After we left I realized that I didn't take hardly any pictures of Matt and Dianna and a ton of pictures of the kids.  I hope we can take another trip soon!

Being Silly

November was a fun month for us.  I will blog about our trip to OH next but here are some fun things we did in the month.

This picture is kind of creepy to me.  Greg's work did a no shave November for Prostate Awareness.  At the end of the month they shaved and left a mustache.  I was NOT a fan but Greg had fun in costume!
 This was such a great picture of Ryan loving stickers.  

Instead of putting the pumpkins on the window....
 I bought some foam bathroom soap for the kids to play with.  This was Hannah's reaction.  I think she loves it!  :)